About First Line Training Centre


At Firstline Training Centre, our vision is to provide the very best track surfaces to keep your horses sounder. We have modern training amenities for the horse racing community.
We thrive on innovation and this is shown in the amount of improvements we’ve made to the facility since 2008. From minor changes like improved drainage systems, to substantial ones such as the creation of our indoor pool, you can count on us to stay on the cutting edge of horse racing.

Our first priority is the maintenance of our two tracks. Through our commitment, we’ve cultivated a reputation for excellence in track surfaces. We understand that the track is the key component to any horse’s training regimen;  it's crucial to their success. With this understanding, both of our tracks are meticulously maintained and conditioned by Joe Stutzman. Whether its summer or winter, and no matter what speed a horse is going, the tracks are soft enough to provide exemplary cushioning, yet firm enough to grip on.

We have two tracks, an indoor pool, a one-mile jogging trail, a covered exerciser, 200 stalls, 35 grass paddocks, and with our 22 barn entrances, those with four or more horses get their own barn entrance. Barn sizes are from 8 stalls up to 48 stalls with as high as 16 ft. ceilings for superior air flow. With so many features, our facilities are being used by some of the top trainers and owners in the industry. Our community at First Line Training Centre is tight-knit and friendly, so if you want to rub shoulders with some of the industry’s best at one of the finest training centres, contact Joe Stutzman today. (Need a place to stay, too? Inquire about our apartments and other groom accommodations when discussing stall rentals with Joe.)

GPS Address and Main entrance 13730 First Line Milton.
Mailing Address and side entrance, 1308 Arkell Rd.
Guelph, ON. N1H 6H8