Welcome to First Line Training Centre

Feel free to come by anytime and check out the condition of our track surfaces

• New indoor pool
• 5/8 Mile Fast Track
• 1/2 Mile Track
• 1 Mile Jogging Trail
• Covered Exerciser
• 12 x 12 and 10 x 12 stalls
• We have the best shavings
• Lots of grassy paddocks
• Equi-Vibe machine
• Rubber interlocking matted stalls on stonedust, not cement, for better drainage and sounder horses.

Aerial photo of our training facility

As part of our ongoing committment to improving the soundness of horses we opened a new (pool etc)

Finding Peace in the Quiet Life - read the article about Joe Stutzman - reprinted from the Feb. 2011 Canadian Sportsman.


Zeljko Krcmar

The facilities are extremely well maintained, the barns are well lit with large individual stalls, superior wash bays and wide aisles. The paddocks are plentiful, well fenced and well maintained with plenty of grass. the equisizer is one of the best I have used - 8 horse horse capacity, wide track with excellent footing that does not compact nor freze and is not dusty. the pool is a new addition and is again superior to any tail -tie pool I have used - the facility is immaculate, with lage wash bays and the Jet Stream in the pool enhances the training for the horses.
In addition to the excellent facilities the personnel who maintain this training centre are knowledgeable and most helpful. The atmosphere at this centre is very professional and friendly and as a result it has attracted top level trainers.

Kevin McMaster

"I have 20 stalls at First Line Training Centre and I cannot get over how good the track has been since Joe has taken over ownership. All winter long Joe did incredible job to make sure it was in top form, it was second to none."

Peter Carroll
"First Line Training Centre is a state of the art facility. Joe has all new equipment to ensure the property and track are well maintained. I won't go anywhere else."

Phil Coole
"The improvements that Joe has made since taking over ownership of the training centre have been incredible. Joe is a workaholic and once you see the improvements he has made you don't want to go anywhere else."

Susie Kerwood
"Besides the track always being in spectacular shape, I really like the nice, big paddocks for my horses. It seems like Joe works 24/7 to maintain the place and it certainly shows.

Address: GPS Address and Main entrance 13730 First Line Milton.
Mailing Address and side entrance, 1308 Arkell Rd. Guelph, ON. N1H 6H8